Mark Appliance is a company that always moves forward. We always try to make our clients experience better. As you almost probably know we’ve opened a new location in Longwood, Florida. All our locations have highly qualified technicians that had practice working all over USA. Important note: please visit Mark Appliance Repair Florida page.

To make your experience working with us, our web-site has Contact Us page. At Contact Us page you need to enter your name, last name, email, Subject of your letter, and a short message what you need help with. Don’t be afraid to leave your name or email, we are not selling your information! Please keep in mind that non of our call center representatives will never ask your credit card or other payment information, if during a phone call you are going to be asked any question about your payment method immediately disconnect. 

Mark Appliance Repair has accounts at social media like Facebook and Instagram. You can follow our pages to learn more information about our company, to see all of the updates about our coupons or other discounts. Always feel free to ask questions in Instagram direct or Facebook Messenger. Also if you don’t want to make an appointment via phone conversation, you may text us, send a message through Instagram Direct or Facebook Messenger. 

Most appliance repair services in Florida find it difficult to provide quick service to customers because of their faulty strategy. Mark Appliance Repair has spent years studying activities in the industry, which has helped them to implement the most effective method ever. Over the years, we have managed to solve many problems related to refrigerator repair, wine cooler repair, ice machine repair, oven/double oven repair, range/stove repair, cooktop repair, washer repair, dryer repair, and dishwasher repair.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are unable to work on small hand-held appliances including: blenders, vacuum cleaners, mixers, coffee makers, sewing machines, etc. We are only able to service major household appliances. Please also note that we are not affiliated in any way with any home warranty or insurance companies. We are a completely separate third-party.

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